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Quadrant Inc. is a full service Los Angeles based construction company specializing in residential and commercial construction. Our projects consist of:


  • Single family homes

  • Residential lofts and live/work spaces

  • Small lot subdivisions

  • Condominium buildings

  • Apartment buildings

  • High-rise mixed use buildings

  • Commercial office spaces

  • Historic buildings 





Our areas of expertise include:


  • Project planning and scheduling

  • Construction coordination with client and design professionals

  • Material selections and purchasing

  • Construction phasing and execution

  • Detailed execution of construction documents

  • Execution of fine finishes

  • Execution of architectural details

  • Creative finishes

  • Sustainable Green buildings

  • Historic building renovations

  • Hillside construction

  • Piles and grade beams

  • Retaining walls

  • Grading, backfill & compaction

  • Subterranean parking structures

  • Multi-story structures

  • Coordination with Construction Lender and fund control company

  • Disbursements to subcontractors



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